Business Cases

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Business Case – CTG

Employees are the mirror of an organization, if employees are willing to vouch for the company, then the company can be trusted. Understanding this concept CTG wanted to actively engage its employees to become brand ambassadors.

Business Case – APPERITIVO

There is no central platform to bring every salesperson together in a business environment where they can communicate with each other, share relevant leads and be rewarded by their work.

Business Case – Media Markt

Employees at Media Markt are not selective in the products they sell. In a store with thousands of products there are some products which have higher profit margin than others, employees need to be educated in this direction and pointed to the products that bring the biggest profit to the company.

Business Case – TipTo

Nowadays the cash is less and less physical. We live in a digital world where people buy everything through their phones and digital cards. And how does that affect people that depend on physical money?
On restaurants, bars, and hotels, for example, the workers depend a lot from the tips revenue. But in such a digital environment, the tips are decreasing and their revenue decreases too.

Business Case – mobilu

The big challenge of Mobilu was to find a way to Improve the quality of the service desk and the delivery time of development projects.
In such a high pace environment like IT, employee performance makes the difference in quality in all areas of the project and can be the difference between keeping a customer and losing it to other software. Mobilu wanted to improve their performance without losing the quality that made them so successful.

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