How challenges & leaderboards improved the company’s performance?

case study beobank
Succes Story – Beobank

Challenges are an amazing way to motivate collaborators and create healthy competition between them.

Beobank is a Belgian bank owned by a French financial conglomerate Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe.

Jean-Louis Tonka

/ Manager – Beobank

The Challenge

Beobank was looking for a way to motivate its internal teams based on precise KPIs linked to results but also to effort. The goal was to be able to not only reward high-performing sellers, honor those who go beyond the objectives, but also those who did not meet the objectives, but surpassed themselves.

Our Solution

We at Bravon easily detected a lack of engagement, team spirit and performance at Beobank. In order to solve this, we presented our Automatic and Recursive Challenges to Beobank. These challenges are complemented with the rankings, rewards and point system. They are great to tease, push and engage teams to improve collaborators’ performances. Beobank’s Administrators also got helpful tools & reports to help them manage the implementation and track the performance of their collaborators.
Boost Performance


Bravon’s proposed solutions showed an effect on Beobank. The Administration saw an increase in the engagement levels of their teams as well on their results. The Bravon app is now a daily partner for the sales team for Beobank.

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