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Succes Story – TipTo

Bravon is the base of TipTo. We created an app based on the Wallet feature, so the integration of this new business model was easier than we expected. And the best part is that we can really make a difference in a worker’s life with a simple feature.

TipTo is a platform based on Bravon, to increase the tips revenue. It answers to a real and direct problem that workers face more and more. It is a fast, easy and safe way to help the workers increasing their revenue.

David lachetta

/ Founder – TipTo

First Challenge

Nowadays the cash is less and less physical. We live in a digital world where people buy everything through their phones and digital cards. And how does that affect people that depend on physical money?
In restaurants, bars, and hotels, for example, the workers depend a lot on the tips revenue. But in such a digital environment, the tips are decreasing and their revenue decreases too. TipTo asked Bravon to come up with a solution for this.

Our Solution

Bravon created a new app, based on its app, that allows workers to have tips in this digital world (one of the features of Bravon’s original app). The users (workers) have the app with a QR Code that they can show to the customers, so they can be tipped.
The app also has a Wallet where users can see their tips revenue and withdraw all the money on their bank account with safety. It will have direct implications on the workers’ revenue but also their motivation at work, as they see their tips increasing.
Boost Performance


Bravon new app proved to be successful as 70% of the users saw an increase in their tip revenue! The app also brought to users a good side effect. They felt a healthy competition between them to see who would get more tips.
More tips 70%
More engaged team 60%

How our services bring about success

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