Making sure that employees are compliant with company rules and terms and also compliant with business exterior legislation can be a costly task for Human Resources.
With Bravon make your employees autonomous without losing control over the situation.

Make legal questions self-manageable.

Getting all the information you need from each company employee can be a long task, you need to allocate someone for that job losing time and money, especially in big companies, where there are many workers. Let your employees manage it through an engaging experience with the Bravon platform that rewards them for completing each step of the process.

Automate your HR process

Let the Human Resources use Bravon on complacency related processes. Bravon also automatically provides precious data that can be used to adjust any stage of the process. Let HR focus on what’s truly important and automate bureaucratic labor.

Keep Employees engaged.

While saving your business time and money employees are rewarded, feeling more engaged, making the process as efficient as it can.


Bravon serves to make your business complacency with employees and external legislation as efficient and cost-effective as possible.


Bravon rewards your employees all the way through the process of engaging rewards that ensure you their dedication to the tasks.


Adapt Bravon to suit your HR team best; Human Resources can even do it themselves as we are 100% user-friendly and easy to learn.

Let’s make you company bureaucratically self managed ?

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