Talent Acquisition

Is mentioned by 40% of management consulting firms as one of the main challenges.

Skills Evolution

Innovative new technologies enable new players to do more with less. Therefore, you as well need to keep upgrading your employees’ skills and capabilities.

Talent Management

Know the skills and profile of your employees. The better you know your employees profile the more precise learning skills you can improve in them.


A gamification platform that drives collaboration and communication between employees. 

  1. Recommendation Program:  Are effective as they help to pick up candidates that onboard quicker and perform better.
  2. Learning and development: Educating employees helps to increase performance and retention. After all, you want to keep the frontrunners in the field, right?
  3. Profile: Get to your employees the best skills more easily with our Profile creator and create the path for they improvement journey.

Business Cases

Success Stories

How a central platform brought every salesperson together in a business environment where they could communicate with each other, share relevant leads and be rewarded by their work.

Employees are the mirror of an organization. Understanding this concept CTG wanted to actively engage its employees to become brand ambassadors.

In a store with thousands of products, employees need to be educated in this direction and pointed to the products that bring the biggest profit to the company.

Voice of the customer!


Let’s boost your team’s performance and unleash your business?