Across Europe, retail banks have digitized only 20 to 40 percent of their processes; 90 percent of European banks invest less than 0.5 percent of their total spending on digital. As a result, most have relatively shallow digital offerings focused on enabling basic customer transactions.

Challenges On The Sector

Attracting and Retaining Talent

Retaining employees is a constant challenge. Especially for industries related to stressful environments.


Financial service firms are prime targets for cybercrime. In fact, financial service firms were hit 300 times more than other business.

Engage Clients Through Digital Platforms

Banks are getting every day more digital therefore a new challenge comes up: “How to engage with your clients when you have a screen between you and them?”
Bravon is a powerful tool to connect your team!

What Bravon Bring To Finance Industries?

A gamification platform that drives collaboration and communication between employees.

  1. Engagement: Employees agree that gratification makes them more productive, more engaged and happier at work. This held true across gender, age, industry, and roles.
  2. Learning and development: Keep your employees educated so you won’t risk your company security.
  3. Studio: Our partners build technology and software that bring more businesses online, enable new types of businesses, and help them work more effectively.
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