Improve learning

Turning learning into a fun and impactful learning experience allowing to increase your rate of completion

micro learning

Best practices

Continuous learning strives performance.


Get your employees or users engaged and excited about learning to improve their skills through tailor-made journeys. Learn becomes a fun adventure with some challenges and rewards to win.


Put in place a smart Academy providing the right learning at the right time to the right person for maximum business impact.

Micro Learning

Microlearning is a strategy known for quickly closing skill and knowledge gaps. It is an ideal instructional approach for many situations because: Information changes quickly.


Turning learning into a fun and impactful learning experience.

  1. Microlearning tools enabling you to manage and monitor learning activities that your users or employees can consume at their own pace.
  2. Create Journeys according to your user’s expectations and your own goals, including challenges in order to motivate them.
  3. The possibility to define personalized curses track per employee/student or per groups.
  4. Guarantee high level of competencies based on tests and quiz.
  5. Improve performance by certifying skills on courses track using challenges.
  6. Implement a full Talent management strategy.
  7. Analyse and adapt your learning strategy thanks to a complete reporting by course, users, groups, journeys

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Our Value Proposition

360° Complete offering


Bravon is a Software As a Service solution providing an All-In-One gamification platform that you can use in few minutes.


We provide a wide range of services to improve the effectiveness of the platform implementation.


Our shared services allows you to focus on your business and delegate the day-to-day engagement activities to our experts.

Bravon is your solution!

Success Stories

How a central platform brought every salesperson together in a business environment where they could communicate with each other, share relevant leads and be rewarded by their work.

In a store with thousands of products, employees need to be educated in this direction and pointed to the products that bring the biggest profit to the company.

Employees are the mirror of an organization. Understanding this concept CTG wanted to actively engage its employees to become brand ambassadors.

Continuous Learning Strives Performance