Learning Culture

Academy is an emergent microlearning strategy known for quickly closing skill and knowledge gaps. It is an ideal instructional approach for many situations because: Information changes quickly.

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Microlearning Is Cheaper, Quicker And Easier!


Get employees engaged and excited about learning to improve their skills.

Learning AI

Provide the right learning at the right time to the right employees for maximum business impact.


Provide short video sessions that can be consumed in a couple of minutes at any time at their best convenience.


Bravon is a powerful tool to connect your team!

What Is Learning Culture?

Academy solution is all about getting your eLearning in small doses, as tiny bursts of training material that you can comprehend in a short time. It is a combination of modern tools and game techniques such as levels and rewards.

  1. Microlearning tools enabling you to manage and monitor learning activities that your employees can consume at their own pace.
  2. The possibility to define personalized curses track per employee or per team.
  3. Guarantee high level of competencies based on tests and quiz.
  4. Improve performance of employees by certifying their skills on courses track using challenges.
  5. Implement a full Talent management strategy.

Some Insights

87%  Career Growth 

Microlearning is being used by many organizations for both formal and informal learning. It appeals to the learners as it consumes less time and is available to them exactly when they need it.

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Our Value Proposition

Everything that your Business needs


Bravon is a all-in-one gamification platform that builds team motivation and boosts performance ensuring employees stays informed, focused, engaged and trained.


We provide a wide range of services to improve the effectiveness of the Bravon’s platform implementation where Strategy definition, Tailor-made development, Coaching, Capture (video creation), Training and Support are part of the set of services at your disposal.


More than a platform, Bravon provides data store where you can download data packs and shared services to companies allowing them to extend their workforce with our engagement experts. From strategy definition to KPI’s monitoring and governance, our consulting team will drive and ensure our customer’s success.

Bravon is your solution!

Success Stories

Gamification already made the difference! See the success stories of companies that had adopted gamification and saw their results increase.

Continuous Learning Strives Performance