At Bravon we are passionate about our job! We are often involved in events, as participants, creators and sometimes both! Here you can find event dates and information. It can be a conference, a colloquium or an idea sharing battle!



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After start your business there is no need for a big investment.

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With a easy and well documented API it will be really fast to achieve your goals.

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Build your own mobile app and use our SDK do mange all your platform.


Bravon is a powerful tool to connect your team!

How Bravon can help?

For companies, collaboration leads to greater efficiency and simplified processes, which leads to fewer efforts, more satisfaction!

  1. An Omni channel communication inbox to spread the messages instantly.
  2. Surveys capabilities to get instant feedback from employees or involve them in decisions.
  3. Private chats and channels groups discussions to be sure each employee is connected to other employees, their team or even the company.
  4. Content sharing between users or groups.
  5. A modern and intuitive Directory (Who’s who).
  6. Gratification features to keep people connected.

Bravon is your solution!


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