Younger generations are more conscious than ever. It’s important for companies to join them on their change of habits and educate their employees.


Retaining retail employees is a constant challenge. In fact, the retail industry has one of the highest employee turnover rates.


Delloite expects real consumer spending growth to slow to 2.2 percent in 2020.


What Bravon Bring To Retail Industries?

A gamification platform that drives collaboration and communication between employees. 

  1. Applying challenges and boosting sales performance tasks to motivate and engage teams, drive high performance, increase competition and improve positive behavior in general.
  2. Engagement: Employees agree that gratification makes them more productive, more engaged and happier at work. This held true across gender, age, industry, and roles.
  3. Learning and development: Educating employees helps to increase performance and retention. After all, you want to keep the frontrunners in the field, right?

Business Cases

Success Stories

How a central platform brought every salesperson together in a business environment where they could communicate with each other, share relevant leads and be rewarded by their work.

Employees are the mirror of an organization. Understanding this concept CTG wanted to actively engage its employees to become brand ambassadors.

In a store with thousands of products, employees need to be educated in this direction and pointed to the products that bring the biggest profit to the company.

Voice of the customer!


Let’s boost your team’s performance and unleash your business?