Voice of the customers


CTG’s biggest network is its employees. If your biggest network is talking about you to their network the chances are that you will grow your own network. It was using this mindset that we started working with Bravon.

We realized we needed advancing machine learning-based analytic applications to manage and analyze the huge increase of smart meter data for our customers. Not only to improve our work and increase our efficiency but to exploit new business models.

It was a great and fun way to drive engagement with measurable results. Their platform fulfils perfectly our company’s needs. Also, their platform helped a lot by being so easy to use and to implement.

Bravon is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. I am so pleased with this product. The platform and the app deliver us the most advanced gamification techniques for us to engage and motivate our team!

Through challenges all our team stay motivated and with a high moral to take another day, Bravon helps us a lot, all as simple and effortless to implement.

Bravon was a huge enabler for us. The eco-system is very rich and you get advances and improvements through Gamification and their learning culture.

We wanted a platform providing a clean, fast, easy way to do so without having to develop the product from scratch. Arendt uses Bravon to deliver a completely different, unique solution taking advantage of the already built gamification elements.

We use Bravon’s structure inserted in our club and shop app. It is an inteligent and disruptive way to integrate something we were always curios about but didn’t have the time or energy to develop ourselfs. It changed the way we work, how our platform works and took APPERITIVO to whole new level.

Let’s boost your team’s performance and unleash your business?