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With 18 years of career in digital business David Iachetta is the CEO of Bravon. Leading a team of experts in several areas dedicated to providing disruptive digital solutions.
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Passioned about company performance and how to tweak it, Bravon was born out of necessity. Applying game techniques in non game situations is a complete game changer when it comes to users productivity, motivation and profitability.

Companies are struggling with unmotivated, unengaged employees, customers, users that are a real constriction to business development and growth.

Bravon is a completely automated solution to keep your company growing and your users satisfied.

Digital Business Entrepreneur

David Iachetta

With an outstanding record in digital-based expertise and passionate about gamification and behavioral economics, David Iachetta developed his soft and hard skills, since 2000, by investing in and developing disruptive businesses and ambiguous challenges. He is also the author of “We are all gamers“, a book dedicated to gamification and the benefits of using gaming techniques in business today.
From TEDx Talks to ’coffee’ meetings, David is always available to discuss, share and learn about what drives him the most: digital matters. David is a curious and adventurous entrepreneur who uses his business skills in each day-to-day task. Fluent in four languages, he is restless in his thirst for information and is always looking to be challenged to bring about what he does best.

Throughout his career, David has had international exposure in Belgium, then Luxembourg, Portugal, France, and the UK, where he has developed a deep understanding of the global business and multicultural environment. This is how he has built his reputation and position in the European business world.

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Millennials Are Gamers
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Millennials Think Gaming Is Easier
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Millennials Are More Engagement
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Millennials Are More Productivity
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