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Gamified Academy

Gamified Academy

Academy uses a microlearning strategy, known for quickly closing skills and knowledge gaps, gamification techniques and more precisely journeys. It is an ideal instructional approach for many situations, for increase the completion rate with a high level of engagement.
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Why you should use a Gamified Academy

Build Your Business

Whether to develop an e-learning business or to integrate gamification methods into the management of a company’s human resources (internal training, onboarding, employees engagement), our Academy improves your company’s performance.

Create Journeys

Create personalised journeys according to your users expectations and your goals. The user experience becomes an adventure made up of steps, trophies, rewards creating motivation and commitment.

Know your users

Understanding your users is one of the most fundamental and important steps to motivate them, communicate with them and create the right challenges and experience.

Track performance

Analyse the performance of your business through a full dashboard. See how everyone is doing on the challenges and journeys you created and be able to follow and improve the user experience even more.


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Bravon is a powerful tool to engage your customers, employees, learners

What Is The Bravon Gamified Academy?

Bravon Academy solution is all about getting your eLearning in small doses, as tiny bursts of training material that you can comprehend in a short time. It is a combination of modern tools and game techniques such as levels and rewards.

  1. Simple creation of journeys with challenges, reviews, quizzes and rewards according to your users.
  2. Modern integrated communication system to animate your community with segmentation of users per groups.
  3. Automated retention system to keep your users engaged and push them to continue and move to the next course.
  4. Integrated referral and recommendation system to push your users to recommend your business.
  5. Rich media: The design formats of Academy include rich media formats that lead to better retention of knowledge.
  6. Less time consuming: Academy is ideal for learners with a shorter attention span and appeals to millennial learners.
  7. Tracking: By having access to multiple analytics, you can see the users results and adapt the strategy of the journey.


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