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Gamification doesn’t mean changing the way you work today, but make it evolve.

It is Tailor-Made

Integrate gamification technicals to your business with a flexible and customizable structure, able to adapt to your business and not the other way around.


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Gamification Tailor-Made Platform

Development of innovative and personalized solutions.
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Custom Developments

Adaptation and customization of our products with specific developments.
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Tailor-Made Advice from Start to Finish

From creation to development to implementation.


Get a structure Tailor-Made
to your business.

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We provide the more adapted solution to your goal & your company


Needs Analysis
Understand your business, your organization, your processes and your ambitions to define your needs.
Strategy Definition
Draw your objectives and gamification strategy, define a roadmap and the ideal solution for your business.
Define the schedule, orchestrate the development and provide regular reports according to the agreed schedule.
Integration & User Adoption
Ensure that your innovation is not in the technology, but in the success of its use by the users with UI and UX.
After integrating your tailor-made solution, we remain at your side for operation and maintenance, at both application and technical levels.
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Proud projects that make us stand out