Creating the right Platform to bring every stakeholder together using Bravon.

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Case Study – Apperitivo

Bravon is the backbone of Apperitivo. We integrated almost all features into our platform creating a fun and gamified way to deliver to our partners and customers an essential everyday tool.

Apperitivo is a platform where beer lovers connect with each other. Is an Academy where anyone can follow online courses about beer and brewing, participate in webinars or physical sessions. It’s also a Marketplace where people can buy products to make beer: a true beer world!

Margareth Henriques

/ Marketing Manager – Apperitivo

First Challenge

With a network of sellers, trainers, and logistic partners, it is often hard to maintain contact and control of everyone’s performance. There is no central platform to bring every beer world actors and lovers together in a business environment where they can communicate with each other, learn, share relevant leads, and be rewarded for their work.

Our Solution

Implementation of a platform where every salesperson, trainer, and learner connected to Apperitivo can share a common space, no matter their geographical position, allowing for direct communication channels between each other. There were also challenges implemented that reward performance on a regional and worldwide level. Bravon serves not only as the common connection between everyone but also as their wallet where they have access to their transaction history and sales made.
Boost Performance


The Bravon solution allowed Apperitivo to create the unique beer environment they wanted. All parties showed interest to keep using Bravon. They enjoyed completing the challenges, receive awards, and honestly felt the value added by the platform. Also, advisers said that profiling made their job a lot easier.
Felt added value 93%
Rated the rewards as appealing 85%
Rated the challenges as highly engaging 77%

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