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case study CTG
Succes Story – CTG

CTG’s biggest network is its employees. If your biggest network is talking about you to their network the chances are that you will grow your own network. It was using this mindset that we started working with Bravon.

CTG provides industry-leading end-to-end information and communication Technology (ICT services and consulting).

Dhana Grimont

/ Marketing & Communication Manager – CTG

First Challenge

Employees are the mirror of an organization: if employees are willing to vouch for the company, the company can be trusted. After understanding this concept, CTG wanted to actively engage its employees to become brand ambassadors. The idea is that the employees themselves shared the company’s communication and messages in their social networks and personal spaces.

Our Solution

Implementation of a platform to share content with all employees in a central way, reward employees for sharing the communication of the company in their personal spaces; the more shares and interactions the employees’ publications have, the bigger the reward. CTG also made use of the employee’s network for recruitment through Bravon’s recommendation challenge.
Boost Performance


As the next chart shows, Bravon’s solutions solved CTG’s challenge. Almost every employee participated in the challenges, helping the company, CTG, reaching and sharing communication. Bravon’s platform showed efficiency in aggregating communication and registering the users who share it, giving them points and rewards.
Employees shared at least one post 80%
Higher post reach 97%
Higher Social Share of Voice 150%
Higher Applause Rate 71%

How our services bring about success

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