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How challenging & teasing employees can increase a company’s performance?

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Succes Story – DSK Bank

I think of Bravon as a personal World Class Football Coach. Like them, Bravon challenges you to do better, and improve performance and skills.

DSK Bank, founded in 1951 as the country’s savings bank, is a major Bulgarian bank and it’s owned by OTP Bank since 2003.

Dobrin Yanev

/ Sales & Partnerships Manager – DSK Bank

The Challenge

Managers & Administrators of companies with multiple branches and large numbers of employees may find it difficult to tease all teams to reach goals and track their performance. This was the case for DSK Bank which also was looking for a solution to keep employees engaged.

Our Solution

To solve this challenge for DSK Bank, we integrated scoring challenges with a point system for the highest-performing users and leaderboards to create healthy competition between teams and employees. These challenges are also tracked by the administration team that is now capable of tracking performance and see if the company is on the way to reach its goals or if there are any deviations. We also developed a custom import of results, so DSK Bank could easily import results from their internal vending system.
Boost Performance


Bravon’s proposed solutions showed an effect on DSK Bank. The Administration and Human Resources teams are now challenging the company employees and tracking their results more easily, saving time on management and generating more results for DSK Bank.


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