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Succes Story – Farvest

For such a big network of high-level professionals Bravon is absolutely essential to the collaboration between the club’s members. Having access to everyone’s profile and being able to message them when you want is a great way to generate business and trade ideas.

Farvest creates, informs, and entertains targeted audiences from Technology, Human Capital, Space, Mobility, Health Communication, Industry, Retail, Education, and Finance.

Kamel Amroune

/ CEO – Farvest

First Challenge

High-level employees such as managers and decision-makers have little access to relevant training and little chance to engage with other same-level professionals to discuss strategy and engage in constructive discussions. There is also a lack of networking opportunities for these professionals that impairs the possibility of growth for everyone.

Our Solution

The first step was the creation of microlearning training for high-level employees. It was also implemented a platform that allows all members to have a profile built with personal information and specialties stated so that they can network with people in areas of interest. Through this platform, professionals can also recommend employees for open positions and share business strategies or other relevant know-how created and used to solve real situations inside each company.
Boost Performance


The results proved that Bravon was the right choice to surpass the Farvest challenge. 83% of the high-level employees classified the app as a must-have. By using Bravon, Farvest increased the collaboration between the team and met more 40% of potential candidates.
Think the app is a must have 83%
More collaboration between professionals 70%
Met potential candidates 43%

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