How educating & motivating employees increased the sales team performance.

case study mediamarkt
Succes Story – MediaMarkt

Integrating Bravon had a tremendous effect on the way our teams collaborated and performed, we started selling more of what gave us a real profit and our employees were more motivated than ever during the entire process.

Media Markt started in 1979 in Germany and has become one of the biggest retailers of technology in Europe.

Gregory Gillis

/ Sales Manager – Media Markt

First Challenge

Employees at media markt are not selective in the products they sell. In a store with thousands of products, there are some products that have a higher profit margin than others, so employees need to be educated in this direction and pointed to the products that bring the biggest profit to the company.

Our Solution

To start solving the challenge, we implemented a microlearning strategy to teach employees about the products that are more profitable. We integrated sales challenges with a reward system for the highest performing employees with the presence of leaderboards to create healthy competition generating motivation and engagement between employees. It was also introduced a points system for employees who selled target products.
Boost Performance


Bravon’s proposed solutions showed an effect on MediaMarket results. Employees showed improvements in engagement scores, therefore, their commitment to the selling challenges was higher! Bravon platform also improved team spirit and the collaboration between the team.
Found the challenges engaging 95%
Found the reward appealing easier 100%
Engagement boost 73%
More collaboration 85%

How our services result in success

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