How can gamification drive employee engagement?

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How can gamification drive employee engagement?

Employee Engagement as the differentiation factor.

Engagement is probably the most significant differentiation factor of our time. And while we will be writing in a company-based environment, it can be applied to several other areas.

Two teams of similar skill level, the team that has the most engaged players will be the team that probably wins.

When choosing a restaurant, if you consider two restaurants of the same price/quality and food type – one with more careful, faster and most efficient waiters, where would you eat? And why is that? Why the difference in waiters? That’s right: engagement.

So being engaged can determine if your business is on the top 10 in your area of expertise, or if it makes enough money to pay your office rent.

Several factors influence engagement in the workplace. Employee satisfaction is one of them.

The more satisfied with their job your employees are, the more engaged they will be. But even when satisfied, engagement tends to drop over time – people settle down and stop having the productivity they once had.

People will feel more engaged at times. Over an extended period, there are peaks of productivity and engagement.

This is because people have a life outside work and perform worst when something that’s often external to their job is not as they desire. This is related to their motivation.

It’s hard to accept, but it’s true – even if you offer every condition necessary, you don’t get a steady level of engagement.

What drives employee engagement?

Simple: Motivation.

What are you doing to keep your employees motivated? How do you keep your employees motivated? What creates motivation in employees?

Gamify your business.

Gamification has proven to be the ultimate engagement tool. It drives employees on a day to day basis, giving them direct objectives that are rewarded once completed.

It creates competition between themselves on a positive perspective. It’s always the team win, highlighting those who performed better.

It generates intrinsic motivation continuously.

Trough game elements and designs, the workplace becomes an interactive place where real objectives lead to tangible rewards. Where you can track your progress live and see your workflow.

Work becomes a game, where the achievements are real, and the rewards are too.

Let’s boost your team’s performance and unleash your business?